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ND Club of Philadelphia Membership Dues

Pay Your Membership Dues Online


Thank you for registering with the Notre Dame Club of Philadelphia!

To take full advantage of everything our club has to offer, you can pay your dues online now, or choose to mail your payment by check.

Memberships are valid for the entire calendar year (January 1 - December 31).

To begin, select your membership type below:

Golden Dome Membership  - $ 100.00
Learn more about this membership tier and all the benefits that go with it
Regular Member  - $ 35.00
Standard club membership  
Recent Grad ('11-'15)  - $ 10.00
Discounted rate available for '11-'15 graduates  
Current Grad ('16)  
Free membership available to Class of 2016 graduates  
Current Student (ND/SMC)  
Free membership available for current students  
Free membership available to those belonging to a religious organization  
ND/SMC Grad Before 1966  
Free membership available for senior alumni  
Parent of ND Freshman  
Free membership available to parents of current Freshmen  
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