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Young Alumni Day of Prayer

From the Notre Dame Alumni Association:

As a way of being in solidarity with you during the Lenten season, we invite you to submit any prayers that you may have as part of our annual Young Alumni Day of Prayer. On February 22nd, on Ash Wednesday, members of the Notre Dame Alumni Association and the larger ND community will gather at the Grotto to pray the Rosary for young alumni for whom we are asked to pray. A special green candle will be lit in honor of your special intentions.

• Visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W6GWYVS to submit your prayer request by February 21st, so they may be included in this special prayer session.

• On Wednesday, February 22nd at 4:00 p.m. ET, we invite you to pray the Rosary, recite the young alumni prayer card, gather in prayer with fellow alumni/friends or offer your own personal prayer wherever you are. The young alumni prayer card can be found here: http://pray.nd.edu/assets/32904/youngalum_praycard.pdf

• We also encourage you to subscribe to the young alumni Lenten Reflect Series. If you choose to participate, you will receive a series of reflections, throughout Lent, which will include a thought provoking message written by a fellow young alum. Click here for more information and to subscribe.

Note: You will need to log in to myNotreDame to subscribe. If you are not registered with myNotreDame your username will appear blank and you will need to register here. If you cannot remember your password, you may change it here.